I NEED TO MAKE A CHANGE IN MY LIFE. Most of you won’t read this but it’s okay

I’ll get criticized for being stupid or lame or gay or whatever people want to say…

I need to make a change in my life and my life style.

I’m a materialistic, disrespectful waste of time and energy, it may not seem that way to many people but honestly if I sit and think about it I’m basically a waste of time because I could be doing more with my life then what I am now. I consume my parents money and they try do everything they can for me and even though I am extremely grateful I still feel like I under appreciate life and everything that I have. I live in my bedroom and I don’t socialize or open up to my family I just shut everyone out. I procrastinate more then ever and it’s starting to get bad and I am just tired of feeling useless because I’m so lazy. Being lazy won’t get me anywhere and all I am doing is wasting precious time that I will never get back. You can be the richest man in the world but money can’t buy time. I’m a impulsive spender and also I pretend to be someone I am not.

I need to change the people I hang out with because they are a huge part of the problem in my life

I Need to focus more on my studying and make sure I finish my commercial pilots license as soon as I can to make not only myself happy but to show my parents that I can do it and to make them proud

I need to stop drinking as well. I don’t drink that often but it’s still a waste of time and money and also alcohol is something that ruins your body it’s basically toxic.

I need it read more, I’ve never been the biggest fan of reading because of my attention span but I need to get my head out of my ass and expand my knowledge because knowledge is power.

I need to stop caring what others think and be less materialistic.

I need to stop wasting money on crap like unnecessary perishables and also junk food.

I need to be more of a family person and talk to my parents more and my sister. I’ve never been close with my sister but she is the only sibling I have and one day when my parents are gone we need to be there for each other so I need to bond more with her. My mom and I always fight and over stupid things I need to accept her for who she is and what she does and I need to make more time for her. My dad travels a lot for work so I need to when i can hang out with him make time and do so. I love my mom, dad and sister with all my heart and I don’t show that to them.

I know my parents have an unhappy marriage and I know that I am partly to blame but the reasons for that I will not go into but by doing all this stuff and by bettering myself I can make I difference for them.

I need to start exercising more not to look good or anything like that because I don’t care about that but more to be healthy and

MOBILE PHONES!!! That’s a huge thing to change. I want to get rid of my smart phone and use a simple Nokia that can text and call. Non of this constant social networking shit. I deleted Facebook almost 18 months ago now and I haven’t missed it for even a day and I need to do the same with twitter and Instagram.

I’ll keep tumblr because I’ll try start blogging how this whole change goes.

Swearing a disrespect is also something I need to make a change with. I swear unnecessarily and the way I speak about some people is just not right and it needs to change.

I spend probably about 80% percent of my day being unproductive and that’s what kills me the most the fact that I am wasting time.

I need to find people who are like minded to surround myself with and that’s going to be hard to find but nothing is impossible.

The only person who can make a change in your life is yourself.

Today I realized that I need to make that change and I will.

Even though it’s not completely relevant the movie that actually inspired me to make this change was “Christiane F” the German movie that’s a true story about a young girl who becomes a drug user at a young age. The movie just opened my eyes and made me think about my life and how grateful I should be.

The change happens now… It will be hard and it will suck but I’ll do it I’ll try my best to do this…